What Is A Basic Techie?

The short answer? The average Millennial.

Millennials are the first generation who grew up with technology in their daily lives, so marketing to them is vastly different than previous generations. Their “basic technology skills” create an entire digital market that businesses new and old strive to master.

That’s why I created the Basic Techie User Experience (UX) Design Package.

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Businesses ready to connect with these younger, tech-savvy consumers need my tailored UX services. I provide everything:

  • High-quality content writing & strategy
  • User research
  • Website design optimization
  • Social media consultation
  • Search engine optimization (SEO), including local SEO

Connect with me today, and I will connect you with the Basic Techie UX Design Package in no time. (Click here for details.)


basic techie: the ultimate millennial user experience basic techie: the ultimate millennial user experience   basic techie: the ultimate millennial user experience   basic techie: the ultimate millennial user experience