Welcome to the modern Digital Age, in which technology and the Internet reign supreme. Any successful business model knows that digital marketing is crucial to reach today’s consumer base, especially the younger generations.

I’m Kayse, and I love using the Internet to connect people to communities and services they need.  I began my freelance career as a catch-all digital marketing specialist. I was designing websites, managing social media campaigns, and developing technology blogs.

Kayse Melone

I noticed that my only clients were, well, mature, to be polite. Their ideal customers, though, were younger and grew up glued to computers and mobile devices. I found that my clients struggled with relating to this entirely unfamiliar digital marketplace.

Soon, I narrowed my projects to revolve around User Experience (UX) Design that markets directly to Millennials and Generation Z.

Specializing in UX Design allows me to develop blogs and websites to help established businesses market to younger, tech-savvy consumers.

In addition to working on UX Design projects, I freelance write about technology, digital marketing, and trends in the UX field. I also perform stand-up comedy, which is really only an exercise in balancing self-confidence with self-mocking. 😉


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basic techie: the ultimate millennial user experience basic techie: the ultimate millennial user experience   basic techie: the ultimate millennial user experience   basic techie: the ultimate millennial user experience