The Tech Industry Tulsa is Experiencing

Originally published 10/20/17.

On May 30th of this year, Logistyx Technologies announced its global headquarters would be based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, bringing roughly 50 qualified jobs to the area over the next 18 months. It’s a shipping and distribution company working in the continually growing E-commerce industry. The company was also considering a Chicago-based headquarters, but turned instead to Tulsa, for its bountiful benefits this article will cover. The tech industry Tulsa continues to experience is rich with possibilities and future promises. 

Tulsa has one of the lowest costs of living in the United States, and its centrality makes it a prime location for national travel. The recent progressive development of downtown the past few years makes the city a prime location for “starting fresh.” Another thing Logistyx favored from the area was the political favor for business development. Businesses can participate in the state’s incentives like Oklahoma’s 21st Century Quality Jobs Program. “For qualifying companies, this unique incentive would pay businesses cash back, up to 10 percent of payroll, for up to ten years for the creation of at least 10 jobs with an average wage of $97,341 annually or higher, depending on county.”

While this incentives program is offered in any industry, it does make sense for a technology company to choose Tulsa. The city is putting resources and effort into educating and retaining technology professionals. In fact, Tulsa Tech boasts an enrollment growth of 25% over the past 5 years. Specifically, computer programming training is growing in popularity. OK Coders is a bootcamp designed for web developers to study in classroom settings under experienced educators in the area, and there are other training courses landing in Tulsa every day. Graduates of programs in Tulsa are starting to stay and work in the area more and more, perhaps because of the cost of living and a growing business community. The tech industry Tulsa is experiencing continues to boost growth in a variety of internal ways.

Local investment in technology is curated by networking groups dedicated to expanding the industry’s presence. The state has seen the number of startups increase, so organizations like Techlahoma are working to bring free education to the field. In Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma Women In Technology is an organization available for female professionals to connect and grow together.

Suffice it to say, Tulsa’s economy is a prime location for startups, especially considering the over-saturation of tech professionals in other tech hubs in the country. Tulsans can expect to see a continued increase in technology ventures popping up, which will benefit local life with quality economic contributions to society on these Great Plains.

If you are interested in studying or furthering your professional career in technology, check out the programs and networking groups below. Technology will continue to be a part of societal growth throughout this Digital Age, so keep an eye out for other announcements about the expanding tech industry in Tulsa.